Shed Delivery and Installation


All SB Sheds are factory built and delivered to your location fully assembled. Some larger buildings may be partially assembled in factory and then transported to your site for full assembly.

Shed Anchoring and Blocking

Although all SB Sheds are built to withstand the 180mph wind zone, anchoring and blocking is a crucial step in securing your shed in Florida. Installation crews are specially trained to place the right number of blocks in the precise locations, as indicated in the anchoring drawing. The number and location of the blocks varies depending on the size and location of the shed. Come to our lot and we'll be happy to show you our unique anchoring system and explain how it works!

Getting the Shed into Your Yard

Our install and delivery crews are trained and have years of experience and can almost always find a safe way to place your shed. We can drive it in or bring in a crane, so small spaces or tight fits are no problem for us!

Quality Checklist

After the completion of your shed, our crew will go over a detailed quality checklist with you. Building Officials will explain how they anchored and blocked your shed and check the set back requirements. Paperwork from the state of Florida and from SB Sheds will be located inside your shed to verify the construction standard.

Need a shed moved? We can help with that, too! Call the office or email us through the Request a Quote Form Below for more information.